At TGIS we understand the importance of taking care of our planet. We are committed to educating our team and implementing policies that promote green practices. We strive to use sustainable products and when available, to use locally grown and sourced ingredients.


Check out what TGIS is doing:

  • Use of local & sustainable produce and meats when available

  • Green disposablewares available to all of our clients

  • Used fryer oil recycling program

  • Updated HVAC & cooling units with energy efficient models

  • Replacing old vehicles with improved efficient vehicles

  • Recycling program for all paper products

  • Consolidated schedules with carpooling requirements for events beyond a certain location radius

  • No Styrofoam policy

  • Fleet includes a Natural Gas Truck

TGIS is proud to be a certified Certified Blue Business by Long Beach Water. This program recognizes eateries that achieve exceptional water efficiency. We have voluntarily adopted water-saving devices and appliances to achieve the highest water-efficiency standards. We take pride in demonstrating to the community how everyone can participate in helping to preserve our precious water resources. We are proud to have joined the movement in making Long Beach a sustainable food destination.